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It can be difficult to know when to seek help for emotional pain, particularly when you are a strong, independent person.  We are in unprecedented times and seeking help can decrease the intensity and duration of any unpleasant feelings that are affecting your life.  Therapy is not just talking, it is getting empirically-proven resources to cope with anxiety, depression, and other mood and adjustment disorders.  Don't shoulder the pain alone, there is help at Inner Calm.

Sessions are 55 minutes.

In-person and telehealth options are available (coverage varies by insurer). *Please note, to complete a thorough intake, the first appointment must be face-to-face.

Guy Sitting on Car

Individual Counseling: Adults

Am I a good fit for Inner Calm therapy?

  • I'm experiencing anxiety or panic attacks.

  • I should feel happy but I find I am sad too often.

  • I have trouble sleeping or difficulty focusing.

  • I can't leave my job stress at the office.

  • I am not coping well with my stress, I'm eating/drinking/sleeping too much or too little.

  • I find myself irritable with my family.

  • It's really hard to be a parent.

  • I feel like my divorce is ruining my life.

  • I'm a caregiver and I'm burned out.

  • I feel like my relationships keep hitting a wall.

  • I've experienced a traumatic experience at work and want to feel like myself again.

The transition into adulthood can be a complex time in life and current social stressors, adjusting to changing expectations, and navigating relationships can bring out anxiety and depressive symptoms.  Learn skills to cope with stress and find a supportive, confidential place to process your emotions.


Sessions are 55 minutes.

In-person and telehealth options are available (coverage varies by insurer).

*Please note, to complete a thorough intake, the first appointment must be face-to-face.

Student Life

Individual Counseling:

Young Adults

Am I a good fit for Inner Calm therapy?

  • ​Being on my own feels really lonely/overwhelming.

  • My anxiety is preventing me from performing well at school, work, or in my relationships.

  • Is this what depression feels like?

  • I want help getting along better with my parents/significant other/roommate.

  • Social or performance anxiety is limiting me.

  • Being an adult is hard.

  • I experienced a breakup and it's difficult to move on.

Communication patterns can break down in relationships, making it difficult to address the tough issues.  Committing to couples counseling can be the investment in yourself and your partner that helps you reconnect and strengthen your bond.  


Sessions are 55 Minutes - In-Person  

Please note: At this time Couples Counseling is Self-Pay Only

Holding Hands

Couples Counseling

Am I a good fit for Inner Calm therapy?

  • Our communication patterns are having a negative impact on our relationship. ​

  • Trust has been broken.

  • Outside stress is affecting how we treat each other.

  • Sometimes it feels like we're just operating a business, where is the connection?

  • We have so many responsibilities, it is hard to focus on us.

  • We learned some unhealthy relationship patterns early in life and want to work through them together.

  • My/my partner's mental health affects our relationship.


Humans are social beings and many people are feeling isolated.  Group therapy allows a safe, confidential space to share your experiences. Sign up for in-person support and therapy groups now.

Free consultation available.

Small, closed groups.

Confidential treatment.

Cost: $320 per group

Groups are self-pay only at this time.

Groups begin June 14th.

*Groups must be at capacity to run, waitlists available.

Support Group Meeting

Groups Sign Ups Now Available!

First Responders

Support and Trauma Processing

Mondays at 12:00 PM 

The purpose of the First Responders Group is to provide mutual support and empowerment to our First Responders living here in Central Indiana. We will work from a trauma informed approach, setting guidelines for safety of disclosure, to help to connect you with others who may be experiencing some of the same difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions that come with the role of being a first responder. If you find that experiences from your line of work, have you disconnected from what is important in your life, or if you find you are avoiding things that used to be meaningful to you because of your experiences or if you are engaging in behaviors that aren’t in service of what you truly value, this group may be a great fit for you.  

Coping Through Life Transitions

Anxiety Management for Adults

Tuesdays at 12:00 PM


Build your skill of psychological flexibility which includes the ability to be engaged and aware of the present moment and to learn new ways of directing your behavior towards what you truly value. Oftentimes, the overwhelming feelings and sensations of anxiety can lead us to make choices that in the short term provide relief, but in the long-term detract from our quality of life and move us away from what truly matters. This group will help you connect with and support others struggling with some of the same difficult feelings, emotions, and situations. You will come away learning new ways of relating to the painful emotions that inevitably come with being a human. Especially a human amid a global pandemic. If you are interested in finding new ways to relate to your anxiety, this group may be a great fit for you. 

Anxiety Management for

College Students

Tuesdays at 2:00 PM

Here college students can learn new ways of coping with college-related stressors and anxiety among peers who are experiencing some of the same feelings and emotions, or as we like to call it: the “all in the same boat phenomena.” This group will provide a safe space to share and explore challenges, stressors, and successes in managing life as it is. Students will learn to move forward in service of what is important to them even when difficult feelings situations and emotions arise.  If you feel stuck, or feel that anxiety, fear, or social isolation is getting in the way of your living a more complete and fulfilling college experience, this group may be a great fit for you.

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